Debut Album: The Secret of a Rose

The repertoire for this album developed out of my personal response to the climate of negativity over the past few years. Life has taught me, well keeps teaching me, that there is always hope, and there is beauty, that this is a beautiful life we have here - where there are dark shadows, there is also light. For me, these songs are about affirmation and acceptance because ....

"Beneath the deepest snows, the secret of a rose,
Is merely that it knows, you must believe in spring!”

You Must Believe in Spring, Legrand / Bergman

Emilie Conway (Voice), Johnny Taylor (Piano), Dave Fleming (Double Bass), Dominic Mullan (Drums)

Photography, Richard Bonert

Recorded 13th, 14th November 2009, 5th March 2010, & September 15th 2011 by Dave McCune at The Ventry, Recording Studios Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Mixed by Dave McCune. Mastered by Bob Katz, Digital Domain Florida

Produced by Emilie Conway & Dave McCune | Additional Production by Melanie Bong

Dear World: Emilie Conway Sings Alec Wilder

The repertoire for this album developed out of a project in partnership with Allen Smith, Jazz on the Terrace and supported by The Arts Council to explore and present the music of Alec Wilder culminating in a nationwide tour. My pianist and musical director, Johnny Taylor and I researched, selected and arranged our favourites from Wilder's rarely heard and rarely recorded work. People tend to know "i'll Be Around,' which became a jazz standard, and is on my debut album, but most of his tunes have remained in relative obscurity. We are very excited about what we've come up with. We hope you like it too!

"I am concerned with the miracle of life in all its incredible forms. I'll stop for a spider, a bird, a tree, a flower, a child, a book, a storm, a sound, a scent, a smile. I'll blow bubbles, watch bobble birds, read a dictionary, listen to a sad tale, make up a puzzle, row a boat." - Alec Wilder

”The light, the darkness,
Heartful and heartless,
To fear the mystery, to find the beauty,
To Love.”
- Emilie Conway

Emilie Conway - voice, Johnny Taylor - piano, Damian Evans - double bass, Brendan Doyle - saxophones/clarinet, Dominic Mullan - drums.

Recorded at Ventry Recording by Dave McCune, Produced by Emilie Conway & Dave McCune, Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain, Florida

Photography: Monika Chmielarz. Album Artwork: Dee Gavin

Special thanks to Rob Geller and Friends of Alec Wilder Newsletter, 3237A 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Special thanks also to Judy Bell at TROEssex Music Group for all her important help sourcing Wilder’s scores.


Dublin singer Emilie Conway’s second album is a thoughtful collection of songs by the great eccentric of American songwriting, Alec Wilder. Wilder’s compositions – Crazy of the Heart, The Wrong Blues, Who Can I Turn To? – may not be the best known of the songbook canon but amongst the cognoscenti he is treasured as one of the true originals of the 1940s and 1950s, with admirers as diverse as Frank Sinatra and Dave Liebman recording tributes to his name. 

Conway’s precise, unmannered delivery – which would not have been out of place in Wilder’s day – pays due respect to the material, and a top-notch group, including pianist Johnny Taylorand saxophonist Brendan Doyle, provides the required sensitive support. - The Irish Times, Cormac Larkin, June 3, 2016

“A terrific document to Alec.” Friends of Alec Wilder Newsletter

Friends of Alec Wilder Newsletter Vol. 30, March 2017.jpg