April 2016: Launch of second album: Dear World at JJ Smyth's

APRIL 2016

PRESS RELEASE Emilie Conway Quintet Launch New Album, Dear World @ JJ Smyth's May 5th.

PRESS RELEASE Emilie Conway Quintet Launch New Album, Dear World @ JJ Smyth's May 5th.

Good afternoon folks!

Well I'm delighted to let you know about the (difficult!) second album launch ! Dear World being launched May 5th at JJ Smyth's. We're all very excited about it. (I can't personally say relieved yet as the album is currently being printed .. so until I have it my hands ..there'll be one hand and foot on the panic button and the other hand and foot, of course, in the perfect yoga expression of acceptance and trust in God & the universe. (Good old God &the universe!))

They don't teach that pose in too many classes mind you, though I find it's one go back to frequently!

We'd love to see you there,

Emilie x

Album Title: "Dear World.”

Emilie Conway Sings Alec Wilder

Emilie Conway - voice, Brendan Doyle - saxophones/clarinet, Johnny Taylor - piano, Damian Evans - bass, Dominic Mullan - drums

Location: JJ Smyth's, Aungier St., Dublin 2

Date: May 5th, 2016 Doors: 8:30 | Music :9pm

Website : jjsmyths.com | emilieconway.ie


“Splendid. Emilie Conway gets better all the time.” - The Sunday Independent

“Her own vocalese to Coltrane’s solo demonstrating her abilities to their fullest, flitting through the lyrics at a tempo most rappers would be envious of, while maintaining a bouncing melody and clarity of diction throughout. ” - GoldenPlec

"Star of the show is Conway's voice." - Hot Press

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_IbJ25JEM4

Jazz critic Barry Ulanov described Alec Wilder's melodies as "leaping and lovely, sinuous and sequested, elusive and wistful." In "Dear World,” award winning Dublin jazz singer Emilie Conway and her quintet bring the music of the enigmatic Alec Wilder to life.

With arrangements by gifted pianist and musical director, Johnny Taylor, Wilder's songs emerge in all their sparkling originality, beauty, humour and warmth; vibrant with fascination with life. The album brings the listener on an evocative, reflective, at times relaxed, then piquant journey through some rarely heard songs like “Is It Always Like This?” and “Crazy in the Heart,” and “Blackberry Winter.” This recording marks the debut recording of the title track, “Dear World.”

Emilie is joined by her regular band members: Johnny Taylor (piano), Damian Evans (double bass) and Dominic Mullan (drums). The fifth member is Brendan Doyle (saxophones / clarinet ). Special guest Julien Colarossi, (guitar) joins Emilie and Johnny on the album for “Dear World."

Biography Update

Since the release of debut album, The Secret of a Rose, 2012, Emilie has received invitations to perform and collaborate with musicians in Europe, Northern Ireland - and the Caribbean! A 2015 highlight was the discovery that Emilie’s music had an audience in the Dominican Republic where it was being featured on local radio. Subsequently, Emilie, together with her pianist, Johnny Taylor and bassist, Damian Evans were invited to perform in Belles Artes Concert Hall in Santo Domingo to mark UNESCO International Jazz Day. The Trio's concert was received with a standing ovation from an audience of over 600. Especially loved was their arrangement of a piece called ‘Romantico’ by local legendary composer Rafael Bollumba Landestoy, with lyrics written by Emilie. On their return journey to Ireland the Trio stopped off in Paris to perform a second concert for UNESCO International Jazz Day.

At home, the Emilie Conway quartet has given sell out concerts in the John Field Room, National Concert Hall. In 2014, in association with Jazz on the Terrace, the Emilie Conway Quintet received an Arts Council Award to research and present the music of Alec Wilder in a nationwide tour. The songs chosen for this second album have been selected and developed from the repertoire for the 2014 tour.

“A heart stealer with the voice of an angel, smooth, mellow, sincere and deeply connected to both music and lyrics. She is no imitator but has a fresh approach and a sound that lingers on ...” - Fionna Duncan, UK