February 2016: Holding onto Autumn / You Must Believe in Spring video release


Good afternoon folks,

Well with the tremulous elements today; quivering spring and withering winter; it seemed an appropriate time to release my music video! Pathetic fallacy - check! Well then, here we go! I'm delighted to (finally) share with you:

Holding onto Autumn/You Must Believe In Spring music video:


Thank you to Luke Sweetman-Pell ( https://vimeo.com/lukessweetman) and Devi Anna Chacun ( http://www.dualitymotion.com/musicvideos/)who shot the video. I've never done anything like this before so ....they were patient and wonderful and did beautiful work.

Singing a concert and having someone video you off in the distant invisible is completely different to doing a music video. (yikes!) And the ballet was challenging but I was determined to do it as I just saw it in the music. Thank you very much to ballet dancers and teachers Hilde van der Bergh, Caitriona Brocklebank and dance artist Selma Daniel.

Finally thank you to Mark Sheridan of Blacklodge Films who sat down with me and my octopus entangling rolls of film and helped put it altogether.

I hope you like it ! .......... And more news soon about our album launch on May 5 in JJ Smyth's :)